The White Mountain School Home



在这里, 你会喜欢学习, expand what you thought was possible, and reimagine what you are capable of doing. We are a college preparatory boarding school, but we will do far more together than simply prepare you for college. JDB电子将让你在目标感和人际关系的激励下,过上有意义和充实的生活. JDB电子致力于让学生掌握主动权,这意味着你在这里的课程会让你觉得有意义、有意义. Your classes here will be different.



在这里,学习本身就是探索性的,远远超出了教室的范围. Through our world-class facilities, outdoor education program, and semesterly 领域的课程, 你会从实践中学习.



Peers and adults will work with you to pursue your interests, 庆祝你的成功, and support you amid challenges.



A long-time leader of the Green Schools movement, JDB电子认为,至关重要的是,学生不仅要学习可持续发展的理论,还要学习如何在自己的生活和社区中采取实际行动.


Equity, Justice, and Belonging (EJB)

你认为创造一个植根于社会正义、让人们感到真正归属的公平社区是一种共同责任吗? Do you want to be part of it? 所以JDB电子. 在这里 we build in time and create spaces for students to discuss, 学习, and reflect on the importance of EJB work in our community. One example of this can be seen in our affinity groups and clubs, 哪个重点是支持与他们有相同背景的学生, 身份, 意识形态, 或者共同的兴趣.

The simplified White Mountain School shield logo.

好奇心. 勇气. 同情.

成立于1886年,位于新罕布什尔州北部美丽的怀特山脉, The White Mountain School is a gender-inclusive, 为140名9-12年级学生提供大学预科寄宿和走读学校. Our mission is to be a school of inquiry and engagement. Grounded in an Episcopal heritage, 白山大学准备并激励学生过充满好奇心的生活, 勇气, 和同情.




140 JDB电子的学生总人数来自六大洲,13个国家,24个州.
115:25 The ratio of boarding to day students. International students make up 19% of our boarders, and 35% of our domestic boarders identify as students of color.
200万美元 每年给予寄宿学生和走读生的经济援助和奖学金的数额.
45名教职员工 JDB电子6:1的师生比例是JDB电子有意打造的小社区的关键. 85% of our faculty members live on campus.
50 The number of sports, co-curriculars, and clubs we offer.
55 The number of on-campus classes we offer, 不包括JDB电子与全球在线学术(GOA)的令人兴奋的合作伙伴关系, which provides students dozens of additional options.
250 The total acreage of our scenic campus, 它坐落在新罕布什尔州怀特山脉的中心.
6 The mileage of maintained trails on campus for walking, 山地自行车, 越野滑雪, 和更多的!
大炮+布雷顿森林 两座世界级的滑雪场离学校不到30分钟的路程. 在校园里,JDB电子甚至有一个地形公园,你可以在斜坡上练习!